KKK and Socialists share ambulance ride in Florida

Earlier today 2 different drinking games involving two very different groups led to 4 men being rushed to the hospital due to alcohol poisoning.  According to an investigation by police, KKK members were taking a shot every time they heard a politician use a dog whistle.  Certain key words are worth 2 shots.  According to an anonymous official with EMS, the 4 shots that were ingested during the DeSantis interview on Fox were what pushed the men over the limit.  The other 2 men on the ambulance were at a watch party across the street and were taking shots every time they heard a republican state a provable and objective lie.  The same EMS source tells The Florida Herald that these men reported things started to go south fast once they added Right wing and POTUS tweets to the game. All 4 have recovered and  have been released.  They declined comment when asked if they have become friends since the ordeal but according to the pizza guy, 2 large pizzas were delivered to one home with all 4 inside.  Friends and neighbors forever.

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Trump Scores….story False

This article has been removed due to some people taking it seriously and not realizing that this is a fake news site connected to a Twitter account that shares this fake news.  We make no attempt to hide the fact that this site is fake but with people quickly clicking through stories, this one was too life like.  The editors meant to go fishing and see who would bite but did not realize how easy it is to spread completely made up news.