Congressional Leaders to the American Public: “We Hear You!”

Congressional leaders met early this morning to discuss how to move forward and put the negativity of the past behind them.  A high level source with knowledge of the meeting shared that some time yesterday, Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell contacted other leaders in the House and Senate to arrange this meeting.

A joint statement released after the meeting:

“We all came to Washington because we thought that we could help people.  We have become just as frustrated as the American people that we have been unable to work together to solve the problems that need solving.  None of us like spending so much time dedicated to partisan games and appeasing special interest donors.  We all recognize that this is not a game.  What we do or don’t do has real ramifications for the people that have honored us by electing us for office.

We are pledging to each other and to the American people that we will return to respecting the voters.  This will include respecting their votes and the people that they have elected to represent them.  We will continue to have differences of opinion on issues but we will endeavor to find the similarities first and then will negotiate in good faith to find solutions for areas that we differ.

There has been a slide into more partisanship and less productive work here in Washington.  The meeting this morning was to figure how we can improve the situation.  As a part of this effort, we will be contacting leaders of state legislatures and asking that they reexamine how districts are drawn.  The current districting trends seem to be eliminating all moderates from Congress.  We wish to earn back the trust of the people we represent.”

Republican and Democratic leaders of both the House and Senate emerge from an early morning meeting.

While details of the meeting are unclear, it has been reported to The Florida Herald that there was a very serious and prolonged discussion about how the American people feel that elected officials appear to care more about political games than actually improving the country and the lives of the citizens.  The nature of the recent election and several polls showing distrust with leaders seemed to have spurred the conversation.

A NYT/CBS poll reported by The New York Times demonstrated that 82% of people surveyed were disgusted by the 2016 election.

Rasmussen reported only 11% of likely voters believe that Congress is doing an excellent job.


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